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Another rear drum issue!
I have a 73 Mach, 10x2" rear drums. I bought everything through Advance Auto Parts to redo the rear brakes. Drums / Hardware / Spring Kits / Adjusters / etc...

Heres the issue i ran into. I was using the following picture as a guide:
[Image: 348osyd.jpg]

When i went to install the parking brake shoe link, i noticed that my hardware kit does not come with the springs that you that i pointed out in the picture.
After doing some poking around, i found that all of the sites that advertise this sping, it ranges up to 72, not 73. Why?


I do have my original springs and a single spring retainer

But if you look at CJ's site, the retainer fits 65-73, the parking brake link that the spring goes over also fits 65-73, and i double checked the part number on the shoes from advance auto (PAB152R) and they fit 72-73 with 10x2 drums.

TheJ posted a pic of his rear drums that show the spring without a retainer. According to him, his spring has a locating coil on it. Does that mean the retainer is not required? He believes he bought them through advance but i cannot find them

Heres his:

[Image: 11s2ko8.jpg]

Here is mine (incomplete)
[Image: b3la8l.jpg]

Another question: The hardware kit comes with 2 horeshoe clips and 2 spring washers that hold the E-Brake lever onto the shoe. Does the spring washer go on the lever side (between the show and the pin on the lever) or the retaining side as seen in my photo. Notice I currently have the spring washer under the horseshoe clip.

Heres the pieces in talking about.
[Image: 11j2gk8.jpg]

Any help is appreciated.

None of these issues areprobably not big deals or not issues at all, i just want to make sure. I hate tearing things back apart after they are together but i guess you live and learn. Let know know your thoughts, thanks


"Do it once, do it right!"
spring washer goes on the back between the lever and shoe. only the horseshoe clip goes outside, and is bent together (not all the way) at the ends so it won't slide off.
There should be a spring retainer between the spring and shoe.
Ok i did it backwards then, the spring retainer that goes between the show and lever are circled above. They are like thin bent washers that act as springs i believe.

"Do it once, do it right!"
Hey Mike, yes, kind of like springs. They're a flexible spacer so the parking brake lever doesn't bind up on the brake shoe. Here's a pic of mine, all assembled, if it helps.


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Yes it does help, so the spring like washer goes in between the shoe and the lever. On the back side, Hard to tell from your pic.

"Do it once, do it right!"
mikepasquale1;57437 Wrote:Yes it does help, so the spring like washer goes in between the shoe and the lever. On the back side, Hard to tell from your pic.

OK, I'm feeling foolish, and have to edit my post. You ever have one of those times where you say something and then think about it, and slap yourself in the forehead? The spring washer goes between the lever and the retaining clip. Sorry.

Ok cool. Thanks guys.

"Do it once, do it right!"
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