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trunk lid
I just installed the trunk lid last weekend. Having problems closing trunk to lock. Also lid sits up about 1/4" high. New rubber seal installed. How can I align it?

Jimmy T.
New w-strip will take time to seat / settle down.
Trunk closed and warm temps will help it. Let it sit for a week or so, then adjust if need be.

Adjustments are made with
shims on hinges
raise / lower catch
Latch will have side to side adjustment.

Ohio Mustang Supply

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took my trunk almost a year before the new seal relaxed enough for proper adjustment.
What's a good source for the shims?
there are body shims, i know AMK products sells a set. for my trunk lid i ended up buying thick washers from home depot because i ran out of the horse shoes the washers were better since they could not fall out while i was tightening bolts, also i bought them in different thickness to play around with the final fit.
My new seal is on the car for abouth 9 months now , still doesn't fit right.
I think i'll have to wait till summer come's forproper fit.

So be patience.


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Definitely a seal problem... the same happens with doors... in the first monthes or even years, depending on how you have them adjusted and how much do you open/close the door or trunk lid, you have to hit it really hard to close and it doesn't align as good as it should... I HATE THAT! Tongue

Damián Cool

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omg the doors the worst thing i ever did was replace the door seal on my passenger side 2 years before that seal relaxed enough that i could finally readjust the door to fit right.

the reproduction seals have tough rubber that is firmer then the original ford seals and take forever to relax.

I went as far as using a heat gun on my trunk seal i heated up the top edge of the seal all the way across the lid area then slammed my trunk shut and put weights on top and left it for a week. it helped but not a lot.
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