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Low Mileage 466 motor for sale from carb to oil pan, FREE BBF C6
Alright guys i have about 1000ish miles on my 466 that i want to sell off completely minus accessories brackets. here is a short run down of the motor:

71 block
c9ve heads (the good ones) ( roofs raised and humps removed )
cobra jet rods with arp rods bolts
forged pistons with -24cc dish
9.4-9.5 CR (i mainly ran 89 octane)
crane 1.7 rocker arms
weiand stealth
Comp cam xe274 cam
custom cal'd carb to motor 800cfm DP (de horned and etc and flows 850)
stock oem oil pan
stock valve covers
std volume oil pump

I ran a best of 12.69 with this motor and trapped at 108MPH. when i've been talking to builders, with the weight of the 73, the trans, the gears, and the MPH ET, they are estimating north of 450-475HP.

i am in the WANT of a 521+ stroker so this motor must go. if you are local, i can wait until you see the motor run and verify it runs good and has good vacuum and yada ydad yada or whatever. i am hoping not to have to have the motor sit for a period of time once the motor gets pulled and the new motor is running. the new motor will be over 600+ hp and ideally i run a low 11 second 1/4 ET.

i'm thinking with a completely complete motor minus accessories brackets looks good at $2500 or OBO. i'm also wanting to sell off the automatic engine plate, and flexplate with the motor.

if you really want, i will throw in the c6 thats been sitting out in the rain for FREE. it was mated with the motor originally before the tko600.

i am located near SACRAMENTO CA!!!
That is a GREAT deal, Olie as you cannot come near to building one for that price.

Just curious, what is the casting number on the block? Is it a 4-bolt or a 2-bolt?


Do the RIGHT thing.
cobra3073;44886 Wrote:That is a GREAT deal, Olie as you cannot come near to building one for that price.

Just curious, what is the casting number on the block? Is it a 4-bolt or a 2-bolt?


d1ve block
c9ve heads

the block is a 2 bolt main.

i am hoping to sell off this engine because its going to be a mountain in the garage floor.

let alone on the parts of the engine, i know a block is 300 alone, the heads being a early casting are another 300, and the cobra jet rods with good bolts is another 250. a used weiand stealth is 100-150, a good used carb is 250-300 (only got like 50 miles on it and 10 passes), so everything adds up quickly if i were o sell separately. i'd rather sell as a whole running engine though.
to the top:

motor now pulled an easy 12.290 @110mph and shifting at 5600rpms!!!

still only 30ish passes and maybe 1000 mileages (high side)
motor is being pulled on the 23rd and has ran a 12.098 ET.

xoliex;65058 Wrote:motor is being pulled on the 23rd and has ran a 12.098 ET.


motor is pulled!
Dang it, Tennessee is a bit too far. . .

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
Jeff73Mach1;70168 Wrote:Dang it, Tennessee is a bit too far. . .

i find www.uship.com a pretty good dam site. i'll be willing to work with anybody upon shipping cost. i already have my mind set what i'd like out of the deal so working with somebody wouldn't be out of the question.

this motor is frame pan to carb and includes the dizzy, wires, spark plugs.
Well I can't do it, but could you imagine that monster in an old Maverick? If it would fit of course. Or you can do the reverse of the chebbie guys and put that sweet Ford engine in an old Camaro! Eh, nevermind...bad idea.


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