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1971 convertible question
Is the front bumper of a 1971 M-code 4 speed convertible metal or rubber? I am almost positive its metal butt have seen pictures of 1971 with the rubber bumper (probably modified car) ?
I think that in 1971 only the machs had the poly bumper, all others were metal. Not positive though, and I'm too tired (lazy) to check right now. Big Grin


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Mine has the urethane one but it is a Mach, so not sure about regular sportsroofs. And it is an early 71

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Your Convertible could have come with the exterior Decor group which would have urethane bumper honeycomb grille painted hood and fender moldings and sport mirrors.
Hey, there you go! I thought the exterior decor group wasn't available for non-Mach 1's in 1971. Learn something new everyday.


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sm3570;44424 Wrote:Hey, there you go! I thought the exterior decor group wasn't available for non-Mach 1's in 1971. Learn something new everyday.
My buddy has a Grabber lime 71 coupe that has the decor group and NASA hood.

Thanks for that great info Mach71351C: I am looking at a project 1971 that does not have front grille or bumper and waiting for Marti report. Will check if it has the exterior decor group.
Best way to figure it out is to order a Marti Report and then, decode it....

Damián Cool

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According to the 1971 Ford Product Information and 1972 Ford Car Facts Organizer (both original Ford publications). The color keyed front bumper was not part of the exterior Decor Group in 1971 but was for 1972. Chuck
Got Marti but does not say exterior decor group. Has appearance protection group and decor accent group. None of those is included color keyed bumper I believe
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