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Best long tube headers for the money
Hey everybody!

I have been doing a lot of research on long tube headers for the 72 302. The thing is, I'm not sure if I should go with headers from a company that is less known rather than the Mustang "favorite" of Hooker Comp. I just don't know much about the other company offerings. Any other headers that offer good performance and fitting without breaking the preverbial bank? I don't need the super comps due my set up right of only an Edelbrock performer intake and 600 cfm carb. Plus the fact I still have the factory heads. Thanks to anyone who helps me out for some info.
For the money, the Hookers are the best, in my opinion. I have bought nothing but hookers for my personal cars.They have the best fit for sure and are made very well. I have used Headmans also,they are good also. Maybe not quite the quality, but they are a good choice also.

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
I have Hooker Super Comps and they fit great.

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I purchased a set of hedman headers that were ceramic jet coated last year. They fit great andlooked great for about the first 9 months then they started to rust a little. I called hedman and they said send them back and they will replace them. They have a 5 year coating warranty and lifetime warranty on craftmanship. So I have to take my headers off and send them back, which sucks but atleast they are sticking behind their warranty. I love the look and sound of them and they were delivered to my door for just under 400. From Summit racing. Nice thick flanges and they have the ball and socket type collector which i really like. Hope this helps.



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[Image: 28ivsix.png]

I have used Hooker and headman on my 71 Grandé, Both sets worked well. DON'T use Blackjack or Cyclone Headers their junk. They were to close to the starter and trans pan.
As I have said in the past "You can never go wrong with a good pair of HOOKERS" Big Grin
I have been using hookers with my 4v heads and headman for the 2v heads. Have had no problem with fitment on either set. Cost effective also compared to some headers.

drive it like you stole it
You might look at Flowtech (Holley/Hooker owned). They have 1/8 smaller primary pipe size which should improve low to mid-range torque that should be helpful with a heavy car with a "highway" gear. Almost all headers will need to be modified/improved before they go on (clearances plug access, flange flatness). So, buy uncoated headers, fit/improve them, bolt down, and check everything including cycling the steering. Then, send them to be coated. I know you want something other than Hooker Comps but, I feel they are the best bang for the buck. WELL designed (primary lengths and diameter) tri-Y headers would work well for your application but they would be expensive. Chuck
Thanks for all the advice. I'm completely sold on the Hooker Comps.
CTGSTANG;44510 Wrote:Thanks for all the advice. I'm completely sold on the Hooker Comps.

Good for you! Only heard good things about them. I ran into problems with the cheapest model Headman headers had to offer for the 351C and swore I'd never buy another set. I should've gone with the Hooker Comps, but I decided to get the Flowmaster Ceramic Coated set for my 351C. Never installed them yet, so can't comment on how well they fit.
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