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Sill plate problem SOLVED
I originally made a post on here about a set of sill plates i bought thinking they were too short. Well after doing a little looking around at other cars i realized that its the carpeting that covers the rocker panel wiring conduit, the sill plate just holds the carpet in place.

Here was my problem:
[Image: 1so0av.jpg]

Heres how i fixed it. I cut a piece of duct work just as wide as the sill plate itself, made it 3 inches deep and put a 1" 90 degree lip on it. Then covered it with a very thin automotive carpeting i found at home depot (also used for the package tray).

I put the new carpeted panel in place and then put the sill plates down over top of it:

Heres my end result:
[Image: 2vufxie.jpg]
[Image: 2cmxmhx.jpg]
You manage to solve it fantastic Mike! My carpet actually covers the wired gap there... I used Duck tape to cover the gap like factory did and then, i used the plate the best i could... I actually mounted it half an inch closer to the interior... My plates covers the lip that in the plastic ending actually...

The problem i had was that the plate dont quite fit on the plastic thing so it is not a perfect match in the rocker... yours looks better Smile

Damián Cool

[Image: 120x45bk1ani.gif]
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Thanks i was surprised the way it turned out
Good Job! I didn't quite understang your original problem, but now that you've found the problem and did an excellent fix, I do now and see that Taiwan does make quality products after all. Wink
Nice job Mike. Looks like your making progress. Keep it up. Would like to meet up with ya this summer and check it out. Did the power steering line work for ya?


1971 Mach 1
408C Stroker
C4 w/3,000 stall
8.8" Rear w/3.73's
Disc brakes all way around.

[Image: 28ivsix.png]

THanks, yupp it did i got it installed yesterday. Just one more problem out of the way. Ya defienately hit me up. If your ever down this way let me know and you can come check it out
Nice work around, Mike. Where did your carpet come from? Have others had problems with new carpet being short?


I.got.the.carpet from laurel mountain. It was plenty long enough but when i bought the car it had no interior. So i didnt have any carpet to tear iut in the first place so wasnt exactly sure how far the carpet extended over or if it just.got.glued.to.the.lip so i accidently cut the new carpet too short on the sides not realizing that its supposed to extend all the way under the sill plates

"Do it once, do it right!"
I think i´ve red in some other thread that there´s only 1 carpet factory nowadays, so, if that so, no matter where do you buy it, it will be the same as we all have... Mine was long like Mikes here and the fitting is correct... Some guys that have it installed for a while said that the quality is not very good and tends to tear appart quickly Sad

Damián Cool

[Image: 120x45bk1ani.gif]
Vote For 7173Mustangs.Com Every Day!
No the carpet is really strong, i messed up by cutting it too short. I didbt leave enough csrpet to extend over the wiring conduit

"Do it once, do it right!"
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