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Cool package tray area idea i had
My original panel that goes in the rear of the package tray area was destroyed by the previous owners. They cut 2, 5 inch holes into it for speakers. Instead of replacing the panel i found this really nice thin black carpeting at home depot (its almost like speaker box carpeting). I layed it over the panel and glued it and pulled it tight so i didnt have any wrinkles.

Heres the end result:
[Image: 16kc85s.jpg]

Im also going to do the same thing to the package tray when i goto make it as well. I think it turned out great so far.
I had to redo my package tray... not the netx to the window part but the plain surface that goes from the seats to the part you already did with the carpet... I did it with aluminium and covered with a very cheap fabric i could find arround here that is used in car soft tops... It came out great!!.. I have to take some pics of it in order to post it in case someone can use the idea... It was really easy, cheap and for sure, better than the "waterproove" board that came originally with the car...

Yours gonna look fantastic when you manage to cover the package tray also Smile

Damián Cool

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THanks, ya post the pics i wanna see what it looks like
Looks AWESOME!! That's what I was planning to do with mine as well. Good job!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Thanks. it wasnt hard. Actually took about 20 min to get it worked out.
Many years ago replaced one with custom fit plexiglass mirror. Looked cool and kept the sun out.
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