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Custom car color - need painter advice
My son likes the darker blue that's on the pepsi cans and wants his car to look exactly like that color. I have to admit I really like it too. So how do I make a Mach 1 the same color and sheen as the dark blue that's on the regular pepsi cans? It looks like I'd have to paint the car silver first then lightly go over it with the correct color blue. How do I duplicate that color blue?

This can't be too hard; pepsi does it millions of times on their cans every day. Tongue

[Image: Pepsi_Can.jpg]

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
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I would say look through the darker blue metallics and find one that matches the pepsi color or contact pepsi and see if they will sell some of their paint.

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Just go to a good paintshop , A "good" paintshop has a digital eye.
They hold the eye against the paint and the computer will tell you how to make that exact paintmatch.


[Image: hvrju1.png]
Could this color be your typical Alloy Blue? Maybe dark anodized alloy blue color. I wonder if someone could anodize a Delorean blue? Big Grin
Mach1JB;42860 Wrote:Just go to a good paintshop , A "good" paintshop has a digital eye.
They hold the eye against the paint and the computer will tell you how to make that exact paintmatch.

Or simply try to drop Pepsi a mail, they might give you the information you need. You never know. Depends on who´s on the other side. I´ve gotten that kind of information from several companies. (including our national airline. They sent me about 10 pages with the exact paint codes and depictions of where what color has to be applied on all the different types of planes.)

You never know!

That´s a cool color by the way!

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Mach1JB;42860 Wrote:Don,

Just go to a good paintshop , A "good" paintshop has a digital eye.
They hold the eye against the paint and the computer will tell you how to make that exact paintmatch.


I think that's what Olie did when he had his Mach painted "Niner" red and gold.

Jeff T.

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[Image: 1_12_09_14_10_15_11.png]
The Pantone Color (ink) is Pantone 2945C. I work in the Digital Printing arena and deal with this there, not sure how you would equate that to paint, but you can lookup the colorant mix for the Pantone color. I am sure the base coat would also have a lot to do with the final appearance.

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Don, as JB said, take it to a paint supplier
You might also have your son look through the color paint chip book, that looks real close to the 71 bright blue met code 6
Ford L6 is Kona Blue. I have it on my '00. It came factory on '10 ^ Mustangs here's a good shot of mine with the sun hitting it just right. It's a really sharp color with nice high/low lights when the lighting is right. Go to your local dealer and check one out.
[Image: 55818e82.jpg]
Oh yea...it's a simple base/clear too, so no worries about candies and such. So repairs would be a cinch if ever needed Smile
Just another note...the pepsi cans are more than likely satin aluminum with a semi-transparent candy-type blue...you'd never match that on a car easily.
Also, if you want the color to really "pop" have it sprayed in water, not solvent. The colors tend to be a bit more brilliant and clean. I sprayed mine in solvent and it looks awesome, but isn't quite as clean as the new ones I've seen on lots.

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Don borrowed these from another site check them out think the last one is close

True Blue:

Majik Blue:

Oriental Blue:

Cobalt Blue:

Majestic Blue:
Also check this out



Dupont#95605 for the blue.

OKAY!...here's the magic. I haven't shot it yet...but the paint looks awsomely close...after the scan...it came out with the colour called "NEW PEPSI BLUE"...LOL

The match...DuPONT paint code #F6351

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