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Just what is a "reverse valve body"?
I was told that my 1973 has a "reverse valve body" trans mission with the "original cobra jet converter" but the reverse valve body is new to me. What I have noticed is that the gear pattern is different. Instead of having PARK, REVERSE, NEUTRAL, 3rd, 2nd, 1st it has PARK, REVERSE, NEUTRAL, 1st, 2nd 3rd and the shifting is a lot like a manual transmission not an automatic in how quick and solid it shifts. No hesitation or gradual shift from one gear to the other. It is boom one gear to the other. It also seems like if I start out in 3rd it starts out in 3rd no 1st then 2nd then 3rd when taking off. If feels like it is in 3rd from a dead stop. If so, could this be harmful to the transmission? Should I be starting out in 1st and manually go through the gears from each stop?

Reverse manual valve body
Shift pattern is reversed
Shifting is manual, trans will be in whatever gear you select.
Yes it will start off in second or third if you select them.
I'm 99 % sure it will hurt the trans starting off in third. Even if it doesn't hurt it, it can't be good for it.
It is manual for up-shifts and down-shifts too.


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Ohio Mustang Supply

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Thanks Don,

So basically I got a 3 speed manual that doesn't require a clutch? I like that idea.
+1 on Don's post. Lugging the engine starting in 3rd gear is really hard on engine bearings, worse than high rpm in my opinion. Chuck
My Mach 1 has a reverse valve body. You are correct in saying it is like having a manual trans with no clutch. Do not try and start out in high gear, trans don't like that.

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