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What should I use to clean up the interior of a "73?
Hello there.. Just picked up my first mustang a 1973 Convertible. In good shape all original interior. Wanted to see what you suggest I use to clean up many years of build up on the comfort weave seats? They appear to be in great shape just really dirty. Any suggestions on the products that work well to clean and condition the seats? Thanks!

Also the dash everything inside needs a good cleaning to hopeful get it shine again!

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Vacuum, mild detergent, a tooth brush, and lots of paper towels. If you still have dirt use blue Windex on a towel. If there are grease/tar stains, use wax and grease remover (from auto paint store). When you have it clean apply Vinyl-X (Pep Boys or other auto supply) with a clean cloth. This works for me. Chuck
Welcome to the site! Nice looking convertible.

Toothbrush and mild detergent is a good idea or they make special detailing brushes. As far as treating after they are clean I used ArmorAll on my 73 Convertible seats and dash for the first 30-some years I owned it; but recently I've been using some of the McGuires products. I can't complain about the ArmorAll as the vinyl on my seats are in very good condition after all these years, except for a couple of bad seams on the drivers seat.

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upload a photo on internet

excellent advice guys! Might I say that these 2 posters know their stuff. I tend to take the Tim the Toolman approach so if you're like me, stay away from the power washer. Wink

In all seriousness, maybe some diluted carpet cleaner on the toothbrush with lots of paper towels. Like they say on the shampoo bottles...wash, rinse, repeat.

Btw, Welcome & congrats on getting a vert. Jealous!

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I use dow bathroom cleaner on vinyl and resolve on the upholstery. The bathroom cleaner removes old stains and dirt that nothing else will. Then I go back with a protectant to seal the vinyl. I do not use original armorall because I am old enough to remember what it did to old dashes and door panels. I fine toothed brush gets into everything and works good on the cloth as well as the welt of the upholstery.

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Thanks guys.. I picked up some of what you recommended and will be starting the clean up! As new entry into this area any sites you recommend for picking up parts that I need. I am thinking parts of the interior may be beyond a cleaning and will need to be replaced.
greghen;39586 Wrote:Thanks guys.. I picked up some of what you recommended and will be starting the clean up! As new entry into this area any sites you recommend for picking up parts that I need. I am thinking parts of the interior may be beyond a cleaning and will need to be replaced.

I have bought a ton of new and used from Don at OMS

+1 on OMS. Chuck
I use McGuire interior cleaning products and to tackle tough stains, believe it or not, I use a product for shoes called "Shoe Renew" It's a leather lotion made by WOHL Shoe Company in St Louis MO. This product is bad ass and I use it on anything white that needs a good cleaning. Before trying any product, I would do a test on a small area that's not visible. The bottle says:
Cleans, Conditions, Polishes and Preserves smooth and Grain Leather and Man-Made Materials.
Welcome,nice vert! I would say do not use any kind of cleaner, windex etc.... on the plastic trim that was originaly plated. It will eventualy dull it, I found that out the hard way! Use a clean damp cloth. +1 on the old Armorall. I destroyed some nice viynal using it in the 70's and 80's.
There are some good suppliers on this site.Give them a shot at your buisness. They support us as well. Again welcome!

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