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Carburator calibration
Hi Guys,

I have a question about my Edelbrock 1406 carb, I use the ede performer intake, performer cam and the 1406 carb.

All of those are installed on a 351C 2V with headers, what good running combinations on rods, springs and jets are you guys use ?

I have the calibration set from them, but I am a little bit afraid to using it.


Read question number 2 here. http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/..._faq.shtml

What are you needing to improve? Idle, starting, power, mileage? If you follow the directions provided with the tuning kit you can't harm anything. Just go slow and be meticulous. I've done a couple for friends and it is not difficult. Chuck
Hi Oskar,
This carb right out of the box should be an excellent starting point with your setup. May not even need any calibration kit, but just fine tuning. The best thing to do is dyno tune the engine for optimal performance. What works for one engine may not work for another. Climate and altitude plays a huge role in calibration. I called Edelbrock for my 1405 with the same questions and they recommended the calibration kit. Got it and messed around with the kit and after all that, I ended up going back to the stock Edelbrock setup Confused Chuck is right and that it is easy to do. Perhaps the easiest of any carb out there. Just two left and right cover plate screws on the top of the carb and doesn't even need to be completely removed. Just loosen both screws enough for the cover plate to slide. Good luck!
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