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'73 Motor Mounts?!?!?!?!!
I know this subject as been quite thoroughly discussed... Although, I seem to be having difficulties. I have been told by seemingly everyone but the lord, that 1971 and 1972 motor mounts will most definitely fit my 1973 Mach 1. The only problem I am running into is, they will not. I would very much like to know, what is the best possible way to go about mounting my motor (351C) into my 1973 Mach 1... Seeing how they (the man) for some reason deemed it acceptable to quit manufacturing them.

I have read all the threads on this topic, so im begging you not to point me in that direction. All I need is some clarity in this otherwise obscure world, that is 1973 Mach 1 motor mounts.

Say: Hey, Scott... Do this, Do that, and you'll be set. (I follow orders well) Angel
I had the same problem with mine. As I recall, and it's been a while, I found there was some variation in the way they were made. I ordered several sets from my local NAPA dealer and mixed and matched to get a set that would work. I still had to spend a lot of time fighting them to get them to line up, and IIFC, left the motor mount bolts loose until I had the cross bolts in and then tightned everything up. What I did find is that the 71/72 mounts made my fan blade hit the radiator shroud at the bottom, so I put washers between the mount and the block with longer, grade 8 bolts.

Scott, I don't know but you should post up an intro thread with your story. We like stories...and pictures!


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I have a 71 but if I'm not mistaken the frame mounts are not the same either. 73 was a odd bird for whatever reason with motor mounts let me do some diggin.

An easier solution would be to give Don at Ohio Mustang a call1-444-949-2556
73 mounts are a special "captive " mount
You can use these [ I have been told they fit by 2 customers ]
This member has just bought them, contact him to see what he comes up with

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Post: #11973 motor mounts

My mounts look original, and they have cracks in the rubber. I'd like to use poly mounts, but then only list to '72. I gather the 73 mounts were a clam shell style? EDIT I do have clamshell style.

Will these urethane mounts bolt in?


1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, R code axle, U code trans. (This post was last modified: 09-28-2011 10:45 PM

Ohio Mustang Supply

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The 73 frame mounts are differant than the 71-72,thus the mis match. You will have to get the 71-72 frame mounts to use the 71-72 motor mounts.

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are these easier to find?
I'll probably try installing them next weekend. My 9" is scattered across the garage at the moment.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
scottosterday;38862 Wrote:are these easier to find?
Yes.You have two years of production 71-72 compared to the one year only 73. Check with the venders on here that sell salvaged parts.I beleive there are some parts listed in the classifieds on here also.
I have a set of NOS mounts for the 73 Q code. These are for the coupe / sports roof.The convertables are different.I do not really want to let them go,but I would. They would not be cheap.
If you still have your old ones you can have them rebuilt. Look on the web, there is a company that does this.

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
my original 351c frame mounts were really tall mounts. my OEM copied 429 motor mount set had really short style frame mounts thats the same as 71-72's.

if i remember right, i always though 65-73 rubber motor mounts were all the same for all small blocks from a 260-351. but i guess the 73 is special on more than a few parts now.
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