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Another decent raceday but.......
well tonight was my last race at the track before my up and coming deployment. i got 6 passes in tonight (i wish my M/T's were available, but my nitto drag radials had to do) and on my 7th pass i had to let some 9 second cares make their single passes so i decided to let the car rest. so i turned her off and when i went to start the car, all i hear is the starter turning and making all kinds of grinding sounds and the motor isn't turning over at all.

i have a quicktime bellhousing with a 176 tooth flywheel like they recommend and of course no larger than a 12 inch clutch too. well i originally had a replacement starter for a 71 mustang 429 starter for it which worked for a while but at the track two weeks ago, i had it puke out on me while sitting in the staging lanes. when i pulled the starter two of the teeth broke completely off and damaged two teeth on my flywheel. the starter wouldn't turn over in the car but would at kragen. it made some horrible sounds though when it did. this time, i have a 96 F350 starter like most people recommend using. its a nice starter cuz it seems to turn over the motor nicer than the 71 starter did. and not only that, its a factory mini hi tq starter and is super easy to remove and install.

does anybody have any suggestions on what starter is needed for a quicktime bellhousing with a 176 tooth bell? i can't find anything on the internet other than of course, using a 176 tooth bell and a 11.5 inch clutch. please help, i'm getting tired of eating starters at track and having people help push my car onto the trailer and having to use a come=along to get the hard pushes in.

on a side note, on street tires, i was able to get a consistant 13.0's at about 105-108mph (depending on my air pressure). with running slicks for the first time i ran 12.6 but i jumped around with 12.6-13.0. i going to come back from this deployment and finish off the interior, and be hungry to run lower 11's with the slicks. i'm assuming i need another 100+hp to run 1.2 seconds faster.
Come home safe.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
whats the cause of this?

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It's possible you damaged a flywheel tooth on the last starter failure. They only get worse after that. The starter being the softer metal is designed to fail first. But if you get a piece caught between the starter housing and flywheel, Oh well.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Good luck on deployment Olie. As markmel said, come home safe.

And best of luck on the starter as well.


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Be careful on your deployment Olie.

Jeff T.

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