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Help! Not sure how to mount the power steering pump 351W
Hi my engine rebuild is finished but I am trying to work out how to mount the power steering pump. When I got the car the engine was out and the pump was still attached to the steering box. The brackets for the pump and alternator were in a box of bolts. I've Google the hell out of images but it appears the new alloy heads don't have a thread in the right place for the long bolt. I also have a spare bracket that I'm not sure where it goes. If any members have a 351w they can send me a photo that would be appreciated. The engine is a 74 model (in a 73 convertible) I have included some photos
[Image: Active_Photo_20180809_145137.jpg]

[Image: Active_Photo_20180809_145125.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180809_145111.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180706_122246.jpg]
Here's a picture of my 302 Windsor, should be identical I would think!

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What's the part number on the bracket in the first pic? It looks like it is too low to mate to the head, so it might be a 302 bracket.

You need a 70 351W bracket from a Mustang or Cougar, possibly full size Ford. 351W did not come in 71-73 cars.


There is an adapter that bolts to the head that has a threaded boss to allow the pump to bolt up. Ford did that so they could use the 302 front bracket. It should have a C9 casting number. Chuck
Like this


You can buy them repop for about $15


Thanks guys. I am not sure of the casting number I will check next week (Tues my time, Monday your time) as the car is stored in a mates factory. The engine numbers come back to what is described as a big ford (prob a galaxy or truck) as it had low compression pistons. Been rebuilt with high compression now. 
Thanks also for the links to the adaptors. Not sure how it works but if any members have a photo showing how it fits that will be appreciated. Looks like I wil order one. Cheers
The deck height of 1974 and up 351Ws is taller than pre 1974, so you may need a later bracket.

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(08-10-2018, 09:58 AM)Don C Wrote: The deck height of 1974 and up 351Ws is taller than pre 1974, so you may need a later bracket.

Thanks Don. 
The engine was previously in the car with those brackets when it was taken out 5yrs ago for restoration but I have replaced the heads. I might need to check the old heads for the adapter part as I left them with the engine rebuilders. 
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