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351 Cleveland Cobra Jet Valve Covers

As others have stated or inferred, it really doesn't matter whether your 351C is a 2V, 4V, CJ, HO or Boss unless you are shooting for or desire something rare and even that has qualifiers. ALL 351Cs can be built to perform at the equivalent (or better) level of any of the other 351C engines produced by the factories. It just mean swapping out a few parts and maybe a bit of machining.

Based on your previous posts (you never actually introduced yourself or stated definitely what you REALLY want out of your car), I understand you are essentially looking for a daily driver with a bit of a "wow" factor. You REALLY need to be honest with yourself and decide what you can live with (or not live with) as it relates to your Mustang. Modifying any car usually means compromising, just as the factories do when they build cars for the masses. That is why our cars have so many different options and/or styles. 

If the car is still at the machine shop and you have not yet ordered (or had them order) the parts for the apparent rebuild, you need to STOP and decide what your REALLY want.  Believe me, we here on the Site can help lead you in the "right" direction; you just need to give us something concrete to work with as to your true desires for the Mustang. Many of us have a heck of a lot of experience in making changes for different desired results.


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(04-02-2018, 11:11 AM)endroman Wrote: Ok I was just looking to put these on to show off motor little bit. I will check #s, will be interesting because the hood has Cobra Jet decal on it also. So I’m really confused now. Thought the dots were starting to connect maybe not

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Ok everyone sorry for the long delay in the response. I ended up looking at the #s on the block and they do not match the Vin #. Attached is a picture of my car 1971 Mustang Mach 1, if you zoom in on the picture you can see the Cobra Jet letting on side of hood, so that’s what got the dots all connecting that it did come with car but apparently not. I’m sorry if I didn’t introduce myself but I’m a 35 year old and live in Southeastern South Dakota and have had this car since 2004. I got tranny rebuilt about 4 years ago and lucky if it’s got 500 miles on since then. The motor just got done being rebuilt as a knocking sound all of a sudden started and lost oil pressure. Luckily it was just a broken push rod and landed on the pan under intake so didn’t ruin anything. Ended up finding out it’s a 4V block with 4V heads and rebuilt with roller cam, roller lifters, forged pistons....going to be excited to fire it up here this week or next. Again sorry for not introducing myself, please let me know if you would like any other info. [Image: 78c784c71ecfe311d8607fee58f413d0.jpg]

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Welcome from San Diego. Nice ride!

- Mike
Sweet ride!!!!!!!!!!!!
(04-02-2018, 09:38 AM)endroman Wrote:
(04-02-2018, 09:28 AM)73pony Wrote: Couple things.

The Cobra Jet name was not used in 71. It was the 72 & 73 moniker for the 351 4v motors with open chamber heads.
What is the engine code in your VIN number? Should be like this 1F05 then next letter would designate what engine it came with. In 1971 would be L, M, H, R, F, C, J
Break down as follows.
L = 250 I6
M = 351C 4V Closed Chamber heads
H = 351C 2V
R = Boss 351
F = 302 2v
C = 429 Cobra Jet
J = 429 Cobra Jet w/ Ram air

To further verify if the engine block you have is original to the car the last 6 digits of the VIN is stamped in the block on the upper back of the drivers side.

I have the M code and see pic below it shows it came out in late 71?
[Image: 33b51f2c86cce139d4ca4db843c23f53.jpg]

Interesting info.  It shows the M code without ram air and the Q with it.  Was the Q code 4 bolt main?  If my 71 came with Ram Air, it should be a Q but itis an M.
As I posted earlier, that list has incorrect info. Ram air did not make the M a Q engine. The M engine was an available option along with the Q through the end of 1971 production. The 71 Q DID NOT replace the M during the balance of the 71 model year. The Q engine was a low compression engine and was a sign of what performance was going to be in 1972. Ram Air was a $65.00 option for the M 351 and was standard for the Q.
As far as the Cobra Jet decals on endroman's hood, those are non Ford decals. While they look good, they are not factory. Ford offered argent and black versions of 351 Ram Air, 429 Ram Air, and "Ram Air" only for the Boss 351. Ford felt it would be redundant to use 351 Ram Air on the hood since 351 was already on the fender of the Boss 351.


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