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Tranny help
Ok guy started with the tranny /clutch build up and install. Right on par, nothing has went rightAngry First of all it was my understanding that a C6/FMX yoke would work with a toploader. So went to the local old car honey hole, they pulled a yoke from a truck with a C6. 15 bucks and on our way bay. Well its around a 1/4 inch bigger than my output shaft. So decided to mount the shifter which was supposedly from a 71 Mach 1. All of the shifter rods are to shortAngryAngry Now the tranny is a 65 model (HEH) with the correct length tail shaft for our cars. The main casing is a model number RF C5AR-7006-D: could this be the difference in my shift rods and yoke????????????????Huh But the clutch did bolt right on to the new fly wheel which is the only thing that went right.
Is anyone out there?
Tnfastbk;24880 Wrote:Is anyone out there?


I just dug out an old book I have and looking at the two types of 4 spds listed there is a Dagenham and Ford BW....the rods for the Dagenham are straight where the BW rods bend down slightly where they hook up to the shifter.

Don't know if this helps you any but almost sounds like you have a BW tranny and Dagenham shifter.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Also are you sure you have the linkage adjusted right?

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Sorry Roy,

Here but of no help. Does Don29163 know? Let us know when you come up with your answer so that we won't be helpless to the next poor soul.
Just getting back on first page
Sorry, I'm no help.
MAybe H will chime in soon. I did find a set of shift rods that have a date code of 64-68, maybe thats what I need.
your out of my field of knowledge on this one.

Beings American Powertrain bills themselves as a turnkey type operation, maybe check with them on your question?
You'll get it. Sorry to hear about the woes but you'll get it.

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