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correct trim???
well... Hello guys!!

I have another of my particular anoying questions! je!!... As everybody knows... my car is under a "finding the originality again" process as i decided to slowly turn him into what it came out of factory...

As i am in Uruguay... i have to be careful when i buy something in the US... For example, last week, the back seat for my car arrived.. I bought it used in ebay US for 50 dollars and the final price here was 327 bucks... F**K.... TOO EXPENSIVE!! too many taxes!!

So... i´m know trying to find that out and see how can i but with a more normal tax fee... In the mid time.. i´m "finishing" whats left on my car.. for example.. INTERIOR!!

The only important missing part i have is the trim which goes between the back seat and the back windshield... is it called package tray?

Well... NPD offers this part in some kind of waterproof papel... i had one is other mustang and was a bad finished part... So what i was wondering is...

What is the right, original type of trim this part should have?? I believe my car has never had speakers there so it should be a plain trim panel... which material should i use??


Damián Cool

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Here is a link to a thread where we talked about it before

Thanks Roy!... }

I just red the thread and i´ll do the same... dont but the reproduction there´s for sale here and there but make it myself with better material... So is a painted part?? I thought it was carpet or vynil covered... Great then...

In my case it´s important the waterproof coat cause i cant stop the leaks back there!! Grrr!!!

Thanks again Roy!

Damián Cool

[Image: 120x45bk1ani.gif]
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