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for 302 owners
i caught a brief interview with Jon Kaase on a weekend car show. He detailed his P38 heads for 302's. The site mentions they also fit 427's? The performance numbers are crazy on the 302. Kasse claimed almost no other modifications to the engine other than heads, mild cam, and headers. http://www.jonkaaseracingengines.com/com...heads.html
Impressive, make for a stout 302 for sure.
Probably the windsor based 427 strokers.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
Copyed from the Kaase's web-page:
"Kaase P-38 cylinder heads, a modest camshaft, and an Edelbrock Junior intake, the 302, running on pump fuel and barely 9:1 compression ratio, easily generates 500hp @ 7500rpm."

I appreciate Jon Kaase to one of the best gearheads and Ford guys in the World. But you should know that when Kaase says "mild" or "stock", his normal day routine is to dyno +1800 hp N/A IHRA prostock engines, compared them to 500 hp is very mild - nearly stock!! Do the math, 500 hp with 7500 RPM, now how mild camshaft is that??

I bet that the heads are one of the best on market and I would buy them if would be building a SBF, world is full of AFR headed SB's so it would be also "dare to be diffrent" style choice. Those heads will fit to 427's, 454's, 460's just about to any big combo you can build by using 351w as a basement. Wwhite72, P-38 does not fit in anyway to 427 FE, which you did not claimed in your first post, so no need to double check your first post.

What ever Kaase does it pretty much allways is impressive. Kaase is also distributor for CHI heads Idea And he can port them and port them good.
I'm sure they are great, if not the best head on the market but at 795 per head, it should be
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