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Front grill removal?
Anyone know the process of removing the grill?
In what order?

Do I need to take the front bumper off to remove the grill?
On a 71 -2 yes the bumper needs to come off
The bottom lip of the grille tucks into the bumper

grille lights - can leave them in but I like to remove all weight to prevent damage
headlight trim
head lights
10 screws late 71 - 72
12 screws for early 71's

removing grille brackets will give more room for manuvering the grille out

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Let´see if I can remember the steps.
You need to remove the bumper because the lower part of the grille goes behind the bumper. But only the bumper itself. The bumper brackets can stay in place.
Then you need to remove the rings around the headlights and of course unscrew it from the central bracket near the hood lock. IIRC that´s all.

It might be tricky to find all the screws that hold the grille in place. Just when you think you have them all you find that it´s still attached somewhere.

When I first removed the grille I even had to remove the fender extensions but that was before it was restored. The car had been hit from the side at one point and the front of the car was a little too narrow.
But on a good car that should not be necessary. At least on mine it no longer is.

It´s really no big deal as I was able to pull it off without hurting myself or any bystanders and without breaking anything and that means a lot. Smile

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Check out my video:

Thanks for the help, got it done!
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