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How to install package tray?
Can someone please show me how the package tray fastens to the rear shelf? I have the correct hardware, I'm just not sure how to mount it since it was loose when I purchased the car.

the package tray doesn't get screwed down.

what you do is install the insulation on the tray sheet metal, then cut the package tray to fit if needed tightly.

the Sail panel covers then get screwed in, those hold the package tray down.

here is the package tray when i did it... the insulation underneath the package tray give it upwards pressure and the sail panel covers hold everything down.
the seat trim holds it from sliding forward and the metal trim under the rear window keeps it from moving backwards

[Image: 101_zps1a279967.jpg]
[Image: 102_zps8e78b587.jpg]
Awesome. Thank you so much for the help!
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