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Sports mirror mounting question
So, re-attaching a freshly painted mirror to my car I noticed that one of the two mounts in the door where the mirror screws into was loose. It will spin freely but won't budge in or out of the door. The more i look at this thing I have no clue how it is installed or how to re-seat it. The replacement kit is just the smooth cylinder and a screw with no indication how it attaches to the door. Does anyone have a suggestion or solution?
There is a special tool that you thread the cylinder into and it pulls it tight (like a pop rivet) against the sheet metal. Try calling some local body shops that have been in business for at least 50 years. They will probably do the work for free since it takes about 30 seconds.....
Here is what I used. A rivet nut installation tool. I bought it from Mcmaster-Carr.

part number 96349A305 (although I do not remember the thread size). Anyway hope this helps
Awesome, thanks for the help! I was racking my brain knowing that it must be a super easy fix, but not knowing what the fitting was called certainly didn't help!
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