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Door Buzzer

Does anyone know what part is usually the bad part when the door buzzer stops working?



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Most common, is the door jamb switch. If not, the buzzer itself may have gone south.

- Travis

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I agree. Try the door jamb switch first.

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If it was a door switch problem I would expect that would be evidenced by the interior light not working when the door is open. My guess would be that the buzzer has decided to retire after forty years of service, best idea is to run a voltmeter across the buzzer wires to see if you are getting 12 volts there. If there is 12 volts there then your buzzer is a fizzer.

Every now and again my buzzer sounds like it's on it's last legs and I've seriously thought about replacing it with a more pleasant sounding modern chime...

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Chevy part, but it is a direct replacement (pretty sure chevy and ford got these from the same mfg)

Usually the buzzer itself dies, can be a broken wire on the ignition switch behind the steering wheel. I had gotten a good buzzer from a cougar hooked it up and it didnt work. I changed my door switch also, nothing... Then 3 years later I dropped my steering column for dash repair and to fix the rag joint. When I pulled the column I noted a small black wire on my ignition switch had snapped off. I decided to replace the switch with a new one.

Put everything back together ,, buzzzzz my ignition key buzzer started working again.
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