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Mustang Passion - Brasil - bernardopsilva - 08-03-2012

this was made by our firends in Paraná,
an state south of Minas Gerais,
where I belong.
See how beautiful this vidoe became, it´s amazing !!!
All done here, with only Brazilian Mustangs !!!

RE: Mustang Passion - Brasil - rocketfoot - 08-04-2012

Top notch video, my friend! Well done!

RE: Mustang Passion - Brasil - OLE PONY - 08-04-2012

Excellent Video! The 73 Mach 1 looks the best out of all of them! Wink

Nice to see a Mustang II in the group too!

RE: Mustang Passion - Brasil - bernardopsilva - 08-04-2012


Thanks for the comments!

I don´t know if it is easy to see in the movie, but there are THREE 71-73 there:
A 71-2 red hardtop, a 71-2 red sporsroof, and that 73 Golden Mach 1.

I know all the owners.

Trying to introduce them here.

About the Mustang II, I agree with your opinion.

These were the right Mustangs for the time, not as muscular and beautiful as ours and the 64-70s, but kept the flame burning.

And we too, 71-73 owners, had our piece of prejudice, not so long ago...

I forgot, OLE PONY...

There were TWO Mustang II there, not just one...

Two hardtops, a blue one and a green one.

Didi you notice the tatoo of the green hardtop in the lady´s leg?

She´s the owner !!!!!!

RE: Mustang Passion - Brasil - cobrajet99 - 08-04-2012

That Has To Be One Of The Best Mustang Videos I Have Seen! It Is Excellent, Thank You For Sharing.