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New Moderator! - rocketfoot - 07-23-2010

I just wanted to announce that we have our first Super Moderator! Cobra3073 agreed to give forum moderation a try with us, so go easy on him for the first few weeks! LOL! I'm sure he'll do just fine!

RE: New Moderator! - 72fastback - 07-23-2010

cool. !from what i read of his posts on the early threads He seems to know what he is doing.

RE: New Moderator! - rocketfoot - 07-23-2010

Yeah, he helped out a lot already by finding and scanning the wiring diagrams and also reporting some forum bugs and stuff! I think he will be an asset to the community!

We'll probably be looking for one more mod when we get a few more members, if anyone is interested, drop me a PM for consideration!

RE: New Moderator! - cobra3073 - 07-23-2010

THANKS for the confidence, guys!

As I told Barry, I know a little about mustangs (and Fords) and am willing to learn even more.

I believe we have a good start here and that we will be able to make a difference within our hobby.

Thanks again!!