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We're Back! - rocketfoot - 08-26-2011

OK guys! We are back in business! Man, that was an all day job, but I'm glad it's over! We are finally switched over to a dedicated, quad core server wit tons of giga space! I can't see anything broken, but if you do, please point it out!

Thanks, and I do apologize for the down time!

RE: We're Back! - OPN PONY - 08-26-2011

Seems to be working great. Thanks for all the work to keep the site running so well.

RE: We're Back! - rocketfoot - 08-26-2011

Andrew is going to apply some of his magic to optimize the forums even a bit more! We should be smokin' fast real soon! LOL

RE: We're Back! - sm3570 - 08-26-2011

Good job Barry, glad it's over so I can get my fix again!! Big Grin

RE: We're Back! - TheJ - 08-26-2011

Thanks Barry, works great.

RE: We're Back! - Don65Stang - 08-26-2011

I was having withdrawal! Thanks Barry & Andrew!

RE: We're Back! - thundertc64 - 08-26-2011

Thanks Barry & Andrew! For the continued work and time you take to keep this site going strong

RE: We're Back! - droptop73 - 08-26-2011

Agreed, MANY THANKS for all you guys do!

RE: We're Back! - Flatback72 - 08-27-2011

And I note the "between screens tacho" is gone too; that used to drive me crazy but I was too polite to say anything. Or maybe it's just that the forum is running so fast now that the tacho is blinking in and out so quickly that I'm missing it....

Anyway, great job and thanks for your work in bringing this forum to us!

RE: We're Back! - luxstang - 08-27-2011

Yup, I thought that "inbetween pages tach" sucked too, but then again, you take what you get, so I did not complain but I´m happy that it´s gone.

Yesterday I was starting to suffer from withdrawal, when I couldn´t get in.Wink

But I want to thank Barry (and partners) for all the work he (they) puts into this. I love this site! Thanx!