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Rocketman's Classic Cougars - rocketfoot - 04-08-2020

If you are looking for help with your Mustang's electronics, give The Rocketman a call!  Tachometers, gauges, voltmeters...Classic Cougar is your one stop shop!!

Visit the website for more info or as questions on the Classic Cougar sub forum!



Classic Cougars is just one of several vendors that advertise with us and truly help to support the forums!  Please give them a chance to earn your business!

RE: Rocketman's Classic Cougars - Stanglover - 04-08-2020

I couldn't agree more. Great guy, great service. He took care of a problem I encountered with a tach conversion and replaced it without question..... and that was after I had it installed for a couple of years.

RE: Rocketman's Classic Cougars - John J - 04-08-2020

Rocketman fix my clock last year and had no problems. The clock works great.

John J

RE: Rocketman's Classic Cougars - mpbsr - 04-08-2020

Good info.


RE: Rocketman's Classic Cougars - NOT A T5 - 04-09-2020

+1 on Bob aka Rocketman!!!

RE: Rocketman's Classic Cougars - Truckie14 - 04-09-2020

I also had a great experience with rocketman. Highly recommended

Rocketman's Classic Cougars - jeremycfr - 04-10-2020

Bob is great to work with and provides an outstanding product.

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