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Donations for the 7173 Wikipedia! - rocketfoot - 03-27-2020

I just wanted to post a standing THANK YOU to everyone that has made a donation from the new 7173 Wikipedia page!  It runs on a different system than the forums and all donations are pretty much anonymous so I just wanted to extend a big thanks to everyone that uses the Wiki and enjoys it enough to send a few bucks our way.  All donations absolutely go towards the cost of hosting, bandwidth, disc space, server fees, etc!  Every little bit helps!

I also greatly appreciate all the VIP donations and upgrades!  Again, every dollar donated is greatly appreciated!  It is truly humbling to have a community that appreciates the websites enough to donate and help lower the operating costs!  You guys are awesome!!

Thanks again!!


PS...we are still looking for anyone that would like to help add content and edit the Wiki!  It is a simple Wordpress site so no coding skills are needed!  Just like blogging!