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Update to the Forum Rules - rocketfoot - 12-10-2019

Just a quick addition to the Rules Page...

It has kinda been an unwritten rule for years that when you place a classified ad, your item(s) must be priced.  We have now added this rule to the official forum rules so that everyone knows and it is unarguable.  We simply do not want to turn the classifieds into a ebay type auction site!  If you place a classified ad, make sure your item is priced.  Also, no business ads...for fairness and respect of our supporting forum vendors, anyone wishing to list items for their business must purchase vendor status to do so.  Prices are fair and spots are limited!  PM me if you need more info.

Thanks everyone!

PS...One a separate note, when you receive a PM notification email in your email inbox, be sure to login to the forum and go to your private messages to reply!  When you reply to the actual email notification, it sends to the forum's email address!  Your intended recipient does not receive the reply!

RE: Update to the Forum Rules - Bentworker - 12-10-2019

Thanks for making the update - the way it was previously worded never gave me the impression that a price was required. Now it is clear.

RE: Update to the Forum Rules - Stanglover - 12-10-2019

Good point also on the PM email notification.

RE: Update to the Forum Rules - OMS - 12-10-2019

Thanks for taking the time to explain and clarify this