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Door Adjustment & Weather Seal - Kilgon - 12-02-2019

Needing a little help.  Getting ready to pick the car up from the painter but before I do I am going to put the doors weather strips on.  While there we notice that the seal channel on the bottom of the door is hitting the rocker (scuff plate area) in one spot.   All the lines on the body look great.  Is it ok to bend the channel some or should we try to adjust the door a little more.  Afraid if we raise the door will have to do the fender also and start the old back and forth routine.  

Also did a search on putting the seal on and seen one where the question came up about where to apply adhesive on the door where the seal sits in a right angle by the latch.  Do you apply on both sides of the 90 or just one.  If just one - outer side towards outside of door or the other.

Thanks for the help.

RE: Door Adjustment & Weather Seal - turtle5353 - 12-02-2019

I used a rubber hammer and tapped the channel down a little tighter on the rubber seal. The one I was working on was hitting slightly also and the rubber hammer did the trick. See the blue tape in the pic, that’s where it was hitting. Everything else lined up really well. 

[Image: EA0816-A5-872-A-4-C15-85-C1-35-DB2716-BB7-B.jpg]

[Image: BE651423-B448-468-E-8313-B8-C4-A211-C740.jpg]

[Image: EFE1-E824-2-BBB-40-F9-B558-FD457-CB4-B608.jpg]

RE: Door Adjustment & Weather Seal - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 12-03-2019

If your body lines on the quarter panel align the hammer to fit. They did at the factory believe me I have stood there and watched in amazement at what they do. I lost the picture I had of the door area showing the fixture Ford had on the line to bend, twist and tweak each door to fit. You also need the glass and all hardware in the door to do final fit will make a difference. For final adjustments the bend the end of the door where the hinge is mounted. You also need the rubber in place. If you need pictures of a door with rubber I can get later today. Get it all fit and use tape to hold and once there apply the adhesive. 
I did not use adhesive on the roof rail strip it fits in the channel really good as is.

RE: Door Adjustment & Weather Seal - Kilgon - 12-04-2019

Thanks guys for the info. I'll use the rubber mallet. The body line at the quarter is good. Rubbing a smidge toward the front of the door. I probably could adjust the door a little but then would have to contend with the fender and even could end up messing with the hood.