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RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - pedstagn71 - 11-19-2019

[/url][Image: BE809-D85-3-D6-E-4-C42-82-A7-2123-A2-F092-E6.jpg]

[Image: 365-AD3-FC-2881-460-F-BB58-9-A4-D198-D6-F60.jpg]

[Image: 11913-F2-C-39-E3-416-F-8-C20-77-C3-C55-A229-A.jpg]

[url=https://ibb.co/F4Ht5Fn][Image: 4634-A827-416-C-4-A0-A-A791-B5-B2893-CBE74.jpg][Image: DBA30100-2462-4003-8-A6-C-74-D0186-BC6-F1.jpg]

[Image: 0-B0-C1-E20-1-DFF-4-E95-BFB5-5-C406-FC534-FC.jpg]1971 coupe 408 stroker owner built

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - nailpounder - 11-19-2019

1971[Image: IMG-0945.jpg][Image: IMG-0948.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Kilgon - 11-19-2019


[Image: 71-Calander.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - MarkB - 11-23-2019

[Image: mustang-2019-8.jpg][/url][url=https://ibb.co/9GCPDgk][Image: mustang2019-10.jpg][Image: mustang2019-8.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-9.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-10.jpg]1972 Mach 1
[Image: mustang-2019-4.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-1.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-2.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-3.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-1.jpg]

[Image: mustang2019-6.jpg]

[Image: Mustang2019-7.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - rocketfoot - 11-23-2019

(11-16-2019, 09:56 AM)delawarebill Wrote: here's mine for the race. i'll take august for my b-day month
[Image: 100-2667-2.jpg]

(11-18-2019, 08:40 AM)c9zx Wrote: 72 Q code, lots of fun.

(11-19-2019, 09:39 PM)Kilgon Wrote: Progress!

[Image: 71-Calander.jpg]

Photos are looking GREAT!  These few members quoted above...the resolution is too low, can you email me full size pics or post them with the ImgBB button.

I can still use some more quality shots plus any sweet engine pics, interior/dash pics and even in-resto garage pics!  ! more week and I want to start laying this calendar out!

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Stanglover - 11-23-2019

A few more pics of the '71 Mach 1 from different angles.
Rocketfoot, I can only use the Add Image button, file size is too big to attach, but I noticed the pictures can be upgraded to full res.

[Image: IMG-0082.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0082-2.jpg]
Just for something different.

[Image: 1971-Mach-1-Mustang-2-LI.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3663-2-LI.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3672-2.jpg]

[Image: DSC00377.jpg]
This one may be a bit arrogant, but...…..

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - 1sostatic - 11-23-2019

That is nice

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Duck - 11-23-2019

[Image: DSC-0770-2.jpg][Image: DSC-1220.jpg][Image: DSC-1209.jpg][Image: DSC-1208.jpg][Image: DSC-1202.jpg][Image: DSC-1204.jpg][Image: DSC-1212.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Kellogg - 11-23-2019

[Image: 74-D846-E8-847-E-4-C42-9-A0-D-351-CCB3039-C5.jpg]

[Image: 241547-A3-D8-F1-4-E8-B-B842-756679-D4611-B.jpg]

[Image: 8-DB60-CCC-9477-446-E-9-ED5-9555-FBAD7-ED3.jpg]

[Image: 548-C5932-6-FC4-434-D-B5-F7-736-C90-E5-A30-C.jpg]

[Image: 0-C055-F74-80-F1-4619-9-BF0-C26149119021.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - york0060 - 11-26-2019

1971 Spring Special Coupe
302 2V Auto