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2020 Calendar Photo Request! - rocketfoot - 11-15-2019

It's that time once again!  Time for me to create a spectacular calendar that features the best Mustang photos from the pages of 7173Mustangs.com!

So, if you had the opportunity to take some awesome photos over the summer, post them up and I'll see if I can use them!  I can't guarantee that I can use every pic posted but I try!!

I'll use the images to make a sweet 2020 calendar and then offer it to the membership for sale.  All proceeds benefit forum operation costs so it is a great way to get a cool calendar for your home or office while supporting your favorite Mustang website!!  WIN-WIN!!

So lets get those photos coming!  I need them to be as large and high resolution as possible.  If can't get large pics to upload, email them to me at: rocketfoot@7173mustangs.com

Lets keep the calendar fresh too!  If we used your photo last year, submit a new photo!

I have been saving up hot rod pinup girl pics all year long too so there will be an amazing (but tasteful) girly calendar this year too!  You have to be a VIp member to purchase it however!  So if you are not a VIP, be sure to check out our VIP packages here!

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - 73pony - 11-15-2019

[Image: 2020-Cal-1.jpg]

[Image: 2020-Cal-2.jpg]

[Image: 2020-Cal-3.jpg]

[Image: 2020-Cal-4.jpg]Here are a couple from this year.

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Duck - 11-15-2019

[Image: 20190928-190236-2.jpg][Image: 20190928-190200-2.jpg][Image: 20190928-190219-2.jpg][Image: IMG-0168-2.jpg][Image: DSC-1206.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Duck - 11-15-2019

[Image: DSC-0391.jpg]

[Image: Industrie-Gel-nde.jpg][Image: DSC-0428.jpg]

[/url][Image: Grenzhof-Heidelberg.jpg]

[Image: Schwetzingen-Schloss.jpg][Image: DSC-1835.jpg][Image: Vintage.jpg]

[url=https://de.imgbb.com/]bilder ins internet stellen[Image: Sunset.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - jpaz - 11-15-2019

[Image: F374-FD3-B-E6-AB-43-AF-9-DE6-7-BFDFF31-F4-A6.jpg]

[Image: 861-C145-B-C69-F-4-B78-B0-DC-566-C75-EF2-C6-A.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - mpbsr - 11-15-2019

[Image: Enterprise.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - 1sostatic - 11-16-2019

Hi ya'll 

here's mine bag of bolts

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - delawarebill - 11-16-2019

here's mine for the race. i'll take august for my b-day month
[Image: 100-2667-2.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - OLE PONY - 11-16-2019

[Image: 20190531-120044.jpg]

upload pic[Image: 20191116-111402.jpg]

RE: 2020 Calendar Photo Request! - Duck - 11-16-2019

Pictures two weeks ago into Fog

[Image: DSC-1274.jpg][Image: DSC-1276.jpg]