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User Map is back! - rocketfoot - 11-14-2019

I got the user map working on the forums again!  It's always fun while it lasts, but Google has changed their API so many times that it breaks the forum plugin!  This version is using a different map ap so maybe it will last longer! 

If you want to try it out, you can go to your USER CP, scroll down and click on USER MAP on the left side.  The map will come up and you can just grab the marker and drop it in your neighborhood!  After you are happy with the marker placement, go to the bottom of the map and click the check box for confirmation and the update button will appear.  Click UPDATE and you are all done!  You can visit the map from the FUN STUFF tab up above or from the user map link on the placement map in your user cp.

Like I said...no guarantees on how long he map will last but it is pretty fun while it lasts! 

For safety and security...I don't advise placing your marker exactly on your house!  Just put it somewhere in your home town!

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions or problems!

RE: User Map is back! - Bru - 11-14-2019

It works great, thank you for your support.


RE: User Map is back! - vintageman - 11-14-2019

Very easy to update, thanks for the work done on this.


RE: User Map is back! - cwalker509 - 11-14-2019

Worked for me! Thx much!

RE: User Map is back! - OLE PONY - 11-14-2019

Great! I'm back on the map.

RE: User Map is back! - midlife - 11-14-2019

I still can't find left field; everyone tells me that's where I belong...

RE: User Map is back! - Don C - 11-14-2019

You Rock

RE: User Map is back! - 71coop - 11-15-2019

Really glad to see this - The map could be a great resource for the forum, I wish the other forum I participate in had a similar feature.