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New Forum Awards System! - rocketfoot - 11-09-2019

With the new software updates, the old awards system became unstable so I had to upgrade to the newest version...in the process, we had to wipe out all the old awards that were issued.  The good news is that the new system has a request feature that allows you to request your awards and the Staff can approve them fairly quickly! 

You can go to the Awards page from the FUN STUFF tab in the nav bar at the top of the page (or click the link below) and stat requesting awards!  You can also view your awards in your USER CP under the Awards tab on the left!

If you think we need a new award or category, let me know!!

RE: New Forum Awards System! - 1sostatic - 11-14-2019

Dear Rocketyfoot 

What are awards ? 

I got cited as a complete putz  Big Grin... what more award do I need  Tongue   life is good here.... I'm happy  thumb

RE: New Forum Awards System! - Kilgon - 11-15-2019

Easy answer on this one - go to the fun stuff tab and select awards and read.