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73 Mustang Convertible Project - 1973machi - 10-28-2019

I think I might be selling a 73 Mustang convertible.  It will be a project or maybe a parts car.  The floor pans, trunk floor and rear frame rails are really bad.  The radiator support also needs to be replaced.  I have new full length floor pans, trunk floor and frame rails that go with the car.  The quarters and doors aren't too bad.  It has used but good fenders on it.  It has a running 302 automatic in it.  No A/C but does have power disc brakes.  The top is shot but it is all there.  Even the rear glass window.  It has a complete ginger interior that would need new seat covers and deluxe door panels.  Someone that likes to weld would have a good time with this car.  Just trying to decide if it is worth selling as a whole or parting out.  Let me know what you all think.  I'll try to get some pictures up later this week.
[Image: IMG-20191027-151812942-HDR.jpg]