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351C motor for sale - Stanglover - 10-22-2019

Rather than posting in classifieds, I thought I'd post this 351C motor for sale here for potentially quicker response. 
I have not seen the motor, but I did talk to the owner last night. It is a 72 date code and is partially stripped, heads are off. He thinks it is stock bore. No idea at this point if 2 or 4 bolt, could be either as he has not removed the oil pan. I am thinking of buying it, but I really don't need it. So, I thought perhaps someone in the Michigan, Ohio area would be willing to cross the border to pick it up. I can get more details as I don't even know if it's a 2V or 4V. I suspect 2V open chamber though. For some reason I didn't ask him. As we all know, these engines can be built into anything we want, so for 400 bucks, it might be worth it.
PM me if interested.

RE: 351C motor for sale - Stanglover - 10-26-2019

That motor is still available. I did find out it is a 2 bolt main, open chamber heads. However, these are getting scarce, so could be a good deal for someone wanting to build up whatever they want from a (hopefully) good block