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Intros - dadaniels - 08-21-2019

Thank you for the opportunity to join this group of Mustang owners.

My first 'tang was a '65 coupe 200CI straight 6/1V with a three speed tranny.  Like I fool I traded it in on something different.  Later on I joined the USAF and while going to tech school at Biloxi MS in '73 Ford announced they were stopping production on the Mustang full size and mating it with the Pinto.  I saw nothing nice coming out of this marriage.  I called home and asked my father to contact our local dealer to hold a full size 'Tang for me.  My new purchase was on 13 Aug 73 (Hardtop Grandé Coupe, Ivy Glow/Avocado with a 351C/2V and C6 tranny).  It has been in the possession of myself/my siblings ever since.  Our four kids are out of the house and their education debts are paid.  I am now working on a full restoration of my baby.  It will be ready for drive home for my 50th High School Reunion next year.

All this in 500 words or less.

RE: Intros - Boss1Ray - 08-21-2019

1st Thank you for your USAF service.

Welcome from Oklahoma. This site is made up of many enthusiasts and owners. You just need to ask or use the search function on this site to learn more about your car. You might be surprised how much you know already as an original owner!

Pics are always appreciated so please post some of your car as it is now.


RE: Intros - OLE PONY - 08-21-2019

Welcome from Virginia! Great story. Looking forward to seeing pics.

RE: Intros - Don C - 08-21-2019

Welcome from Oregon, and thank you for your service.

RE: Intros - NOT A T5 - 08-22-2019

Welcome from Omaha and a former Colorado Springs resident!

RE: Intros - jpaz - 08-22-2019

Hello and Welcome from Michigan.

RE: Intros - Fabrice - 08-22-2019

I was too young to buy my 73 new, but got similar as yours when turned 18. A Grandé, Ivy Glow/Avocado(kind of), 351C/2V with FMX.
Mine far from "new" state, I've changed quite a few bolts and nuts on it since then, but never let it go.
Looking forward to see some picts of your beast!

Welcome from the northern Netherlands

RE: Intros - 73pony - 08-22-2019

Welcome from Iowa.

RE: Intros - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 08-22-2019

Welcome from North Carolina. Not many original owners I am one also. In MOM in Concord, N.C..
[Image: DSC-1122.jpg]

RE: Intros - goodnigh - 08-22-2019

Welcome from northern California.