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AutoMeter 5292 Speed Sensor - Butch65 - 08-07-2019

Hey gang, I have a like new AutoMeter model 5292 Hall Effect Speed Sensor left from the conversion to electronic gauges. Still in the original packaging with documentation.
I found that I couldn't get it to fit on the Tremec 3550 due to the support castings around the speedometer port on the tranny housing. If you search other Ford enthusiasts sites you will find posts by folks have been able to make it work on the 3550.  I wasn't willing to grind and file to make it happen- guess I'm getting lazy in my old age.  Tongue  

They're about $95 on AutoMeter and Summit websites.  I'll take $60.00 and you cover shipping from 30024.  

Please PM if you are interested.

[Image: 5292-28.jpg]More info :