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Rear brakes hanging up. - turtle5353 - 07-13-2019

My rear brakes were hanging up a bit today. It’s happened a few times over the last year but once I let it sit for a little while it’s fine again. Seems like if I brake harder than normal the rear brakes don’t release completely and take time for the pressure to bleed off. I have the stock manual drum brake master cylinder but I am running disc brakes at all 4 corners. I have had this same set up for close to 10 years with no problems. Does the stock drum brake master cylinder have a check valve that could be sticking and holding line pressure on my rear brakes?

I have all the parts needed to install power disc brake master cylinder. All sitting in the garage ready to go. Looks like I will be doing that swap in near future. I have all new cross drilled and slotted rotors, pads, hoses, lines, rebuilt booster and master, all ready to go. I’m hoping that will take care of my issue.

RE: Rear brakes hanging up. - Don C - 07-13-2019


RE: Rear brakes hanging up. - turtle5353 - 07-13-2019

(07-13-2019, 04:16 PM)Don C Wrote: Yes

Thanks Don. I kinda thought that. Since my car was originally all drums would there be a check valve for the front brakes too? The master cylinder is getting pretty old. Over 15 years. So it’s probably sticking. Need to get it in the garage and get the power booster swap done!!