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71 fuel tank part locatio - Rayzo63 - 06-30-2019

my son and are working on a 71 sport roof/fastback

As we bought it the vent tube comes out driver side bottom half
The sending unit is on top

Reading threads as best I can tell this is backwards
Tank itself looks newish

But vent is leaking currently on drivers side lower half and previous owner soldered it in 
By leaking I mean seeping past gasket and lock ring

Can someone tell me where sending unit and vent go on the tank

3 holes in tank, 2 on top, 1 on driver side lower half. 

Thank you in advance. Like is said a lot of threads talk about sending unit being on side and vent on top. 

None of the emissions are hooked up nor will they be vent hose goes to bean can under hood but the rest is disconnected or gone[Image: 6-D7-B4-F82-E0-FD-4-C20-BBE9-39-EB5-E040405.jpg]

RE: 71 fuel tank part locatio - MikeGriese - 06-30-2019

Vent is center top, sender is lower driver's side, fuel fill is top rear.

RE: 71 fuel tank part locatio - Stanglover - 06-30-2019

First off, nice looking car, lots of potential.
The post above is correct, but here's a picture of a new tank.
Also, if you have not done a formal introduction, we would love to learn a bit about you and your project WITH pictures!! 
All the best on sorting out this (how can I describe it politely) mess.
Geoff, aka, Stanglover

[Image: IMG-1105.jpg]
Tank vent tube.

[Image: IMG-1104.jpg]
Filler seal.

[Image: IMG-1107.jpg]
Sending unit and correct orientation of fuel line tube.