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73 Convertible - 351CJ special order paint - Hemikiller - 06-23-2019

Saw this on the Classic Mustang page on Facebook - in Louisiana. Very nicely optioned and doesn't look rusty. Original purple color peeking out behind the door tag.


Quote:One of one produced in Purple! Currently Painted Pink but Original Color was Purple! 351CJ, Auto,Air, Tilt Wheel, Power Windows, White Interior, Car has rust and needs complete restoration, partially disassembled, has not been started in 5 years, Many New Parts, $4600, call Mickey at 225-413-7790

[Image: 64740172-200305330957999-2830747858859196416-n.jpg]

[Image: 65389627-200367394285126-4805039351534714880-n.jpg]

[Image: 65004369-200316004290265-7435465786770063360-n.jpg]

[Image: 64919876-200305410957991-9066371663423078400-n.jpg]

RE: 73 Convertible - 351CJ special order paint - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 06-23-2019

Went to look and it is already gone. Will all those options and Special Paint can see why.
They cannot say the only purple one since Marti has no records of color used or how many of any color. He can only say that 144 convertibles with CW interiors had special paint.