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conv top - roach - 06-13-2019

my top don,t seen to go down the hold way is there adjustment to correct this problem

RE: conv top - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 06-14-2019

Need to see a picture of it down.
The top does not go all the way into the top well. It will always be above the chrome trim and top of the rear seat. If you have a boot for covering the top it is made to come up and over the top. When the boot gets old it shrinks and usually will not go on.
One thing I do when the car is parked is always release the front clamps to allow the rubber seal to expand to make it last longer.
These pics are pretty typical of how it looks.
[Image: 6.jpg]

[Image: Green-Orig-Vert.jpg]

[Image: Grill1.jpg]

RE: conv top - donkost - 06-14-2019

Wow that second car, the '73 with the slotted aluminum wheels, has a particularly striking interior / exterior color combination. My first car in '80 was a Verdoro Green '68 Pontiac GTO. I am a big fan of green, even like frogs. lol

RE: conv top - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 06-15-2019

That is the Ginger interior with comfort weave. I have two verts with that interior and a Mach 1. Never shows dirt. I think the car with the slotted mags is one that sold on ebay couple years ago for $30,000 had about every option and had never been washed or in rain. Was kept in climate control in plastic bag sealed.