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rear end link bushings replacement - SteveO_71 - 06-03-2019

Since I had upgraded the front sway bar and bushings last year, I thought I would replace the rear sway bar end link bushings this year as they were getting compressed and out of shape.
I realize that the new bushings, rubber or polyurethane are going to be thicker / taller since they are new but was wondering if there was an easier way to get them on.

After stacking the bushings in the proper order over the threaded rod, washer, bushing, sway bar end, bushing, washer, spacer etc.. there was very little thread left to get the nut on.

Is there some method to put everything together and then get it compressed enough to get the nut started at least a few threads so that things can then be tightened? I finally got things together somehow but it took way longer than I expected.