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2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - rocketfoot - 04-23-2019

Hey guys...it's been a while since we have done a raffle so here we go!

Up for grabs is a brand new, 1:18 scale diecast 1971 Mach 1 Mustang from Autoworld! 

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Bright Red with Black Stripes "Hemmings Muscle Machines" Magazine Limited Edition - Only 1002 pieces Worldwide!!  Made by Autoworld.

Detailed 429 Ford Big Block

Special "FAST 429" Decals

[*]Real rubber tires.

[*]Steerable wheels.

[*]Opening hood and doors.

[*]Heavyweight die-cast metal.

[*]Accurate interior and chassis.

[*]Detailed interior, exterior and engine compartment.

[*]Dimensions approximately L-10.5, W-3.5, H-2.75 inches.

1 lucky 7173Mustangs.com member will be the lucky winner of this super nice diecast replica!  Tickets are only $6 each...you can purchase as many ass you like! 

The winner will be picked randomly from a list of all entries!

Drawing will be held and the winner announced on May 24th, 2019!!

You can get your tickets from our donation page...be sure to select the $6 Raffle Option!  (Multiple tickets may have to be purchases individually)


Still not convinced that you have a chance to win??  Look at it...just LOOK AT IT!!

[Image: rla-amm1150_hd_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_du_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_ub_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_gp_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_wm_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_dy_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_rw_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_sh_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_xl.jpg?rep=False]
[Image: rla-amm1150_gf_xl.jpg?rep=False]

Purchase your tickets from our donation page at the link below...be sure to select the $6 Raffle option!!  (You may have to buy multiple tickets individually)


Everyone is welcome to enter...Staff, VIP's International Members...good to go!!

Good luck and thanks for helping to support the forums!!

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - rocketfoot - 04-23-2019

Here is the official entry list!  I will keep the list updated as entries roll in so you will know what number you have as well as the odds of winning!  On May 24th, 2019, I will take the number of entries we have and enter the range into random.org which will generate a completely random number that will match with 1 lucky winner!  The prize has retail value of $100.  Odds of winning depend on number of entries.  Good luck!!

1. 73pony
2. Muck Chucka
3. BeerDontCount
4. mustang7173
5. goodnigh
6. rackerm
7. imusa76
8. mustang7173
9. scarpent1
10. Twins
11. Grande73
12. mustang7173
13. japrine
14. JD79
15. Kilgon
16. Kilgon
18. My02Edge
19. TheRktmn
20. TheRktmn
21. TheRktmn
22. delawarebill
23. delawarebill
24. delawarebill
25. delawarebill
26. goodnigh
27. goodnigh
28. goodnigh
29. goodnigh
30. goodnigh
31. Gold Rush
32. Grande73
33. JD79
34. Manu Mach1
35. secluff
36. Mister 4x4

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - rocketfoot - 04-25-2019

You can get your raffle tickets here:


Be sure to select the "$6 Raffle Ticket" option.

If you want multiple tickets, you will have to purchase each one separately due to the way the Paypal ink works...it does register your forum username on the payment receipt so I know exactly which position is yours!

Ticket sales are open until 6am Friday, May 24th, 2019

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - rocketfoot - 04-29-2019

The model car arrived over the weekend!  Here is...new, in box, un-opened and ready to go to one lucky winner!!


[Image: 20190428-132257.jpg]

[Image: 20190428-132147.jpg]

[Image: 20190428-132213.jpg]

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - rocketfoot - 05-08-2019

Bumping this thread up for more raffle ticket sales!  


Just $6 per entry!! thumb

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - japrine - 05-08-2019

I entered!!!!!

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - OLE PONY - 05-10-2019

I entered too. Good luck to all!

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - rocketfoot - 05-11-2019

2 more weeks until we pick a winner!!

Tickets are just $6 


RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - delawarebill - 05-11-2019

So far i've beat TheRktmn by one ticket... sorry but that last ticket will be the winner..

RE: 2019 Spring Raffle!! $6 per ticket! - goodnigh - 05-12-2019

Sorry delawarebill, already have a place for this.