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Friends with cars! - Boss1Ray - 02-24-2019

Got invited to a friend's house today. He mentioned a couple of his other friends would be dropping by there too.  When I learned they were bringing their Mustangs - I decided to bring mine too! 
Forgive the bad staging for the pics!  But the cars were nice!






RE: Friends with cars! - bluto72 - 02-24-2019


RE: Friends with cars! - Pegleg - 02-25-2019

They look in great shape Ray

RE: Friends with cars! - mrmach1 - 03-04-2019

Beautiful cars I owed a 65 and a 66 and of course I still own my 72, I loved them all and wish I still had them all.

RE: Friends with cars! - JD79 - 03-06-2019

Nice cars!