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Rear speakers - rdm1952 - 02-08-2019

I am putting a new radio in my 71 Mach 1 fastback. I know that rear speakers did not come in them factory. Can some of you show me some pics of finished product that have done that. Trying to figure out the grills and such. Thanks

RE: Rear speakers - jowens1126 - 02-08-2019

Its pretty simple really. There are cut outs in the package tray. Remove the package tray cover and you will see them. Then you need to decide if you want to cut up the original cover or not. Personally I would order a new one and cut it up and keep the old one in a closet somewhere to preserve it.

You may need to enlarge the holes depending on the speakers you want to put in. You could do a fine job with some nice 6x9's or a nice component set in the back with the tweeters in the sail panel.


RE: Rear speakers - Don C - 02-08-2019

There have been several posts about this and how members have solved it. I found this one, and several others, by searching the forum for "rear speakers":

RE: Rear speakers - NOT A T5 - 02-09-2019

I wonder where Convertible owners can put 6"X9" or other sizes in the rear without cutting up the interior panels?

RE: Rear speakers - Stanglover - 02-09-2019

I don't have a picture that shows anything of the back speakers I put in my Mach...…….. and that was the intent, you can't see them. As these cars never had rear speakers, I wanted to keep them hidden. My car has a standard rear seat by the way.
Here's what I did; I bought a nice pair of 4"diam speakers. They will fit right into the steel frame. I bought a 4' x8' sheet of 1/8th" hardboard (had to buy a full sheet). I took the old package tray that some moron had fitted 6x9's in that looked like shit as a template and cut a couple of new blanks. Measured the hole locations and cut the two holes to the diameter of the cones, i.e. smaller than the OD of the speakers. Then I made up a frame out of 1/2" ply and screwed them to the board. That way there is more thickness to screw the speakers in to. This 'frame' will still fit into the steel without cutting it.
The material I found to cover it was sold as "generic automotive carpet" but actually is more like a thick felt like material and is almost see-though and perfect for letting sound through. The result is invisible rear speakers that have all the sound I want and the package tray looks somewhat stock to the casual viewer.
You will still need a double stereo speaker in the dash. NPD sell them as do others.
Just a suggestion if you don't want speakers showing.

RE: Rear speakers - Don C - 02-09-2019

Have you looked at what Greg (Austin Vert) did?

RE: Rear speakers - midlife - 02-09-2019

Bah. You can rent either my Wife (SWMBO) or my MIL (SWMBATH) and put them in the back seat. You'll wish not to have a rear speaker at all after that.

SWMBO: She Who Must Be Obeyed
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RE: Rear speakers - NOT A T5 - 02-10-2019

(02-09-2019, 01:47 PM)midlife Wrote: Bah.  You can rent either my Wife (SWMBO) or my MIL (SWMBATH) and put them in the back seat.  You'll wish not to have a rear speaker at all after that.

SWMBO: She Who Must Be Obeyed
SWMBATH: She Who Must Be Attila The Hun

LOL, Randy you must be totally under the thumb  Tongue

RE: Rear speakers - Don C - 02-10-2019

No matter how good the speakers are my SWMBO overrides them Smile

RE: Rear speakers - 73429mach - 02-10-2019

I mounted my 6x9 speakers under the metal package tray piece, that way I didn’t have to cut the metal piece. I then cut holes in the fiber board package tray piece and mounted the speaker grills to that.