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Ford 302 Main Cap bolts - Stang1972 - 01-10-2019


Looking for Main Cap bolts for my 1972 Mustang,
one of them broke when installing.

Will those be ok:


Or does any one here have some for sale ?


RE: Ford 302 Main Cap bolts - Hemikiller - 01-10-2019

That is the correct main cap bolt for 68 thru 79 302 engines.

You might want to verify that your torque wrench is accurate before proceeding with anymore assembly.

I'd probably just spring for a set of ARP main bolts and replace the lot.


RE: Ford 302 Main Cap bolts - NOT A T5 - 01-11-2019

+1 what Hemikiller said, buying on Epay you might end up with lower quality!

RE: Ford 302 Main Cap bolts - secluff - 01-11-2019

Stang1972, meant to respond to your inquiry last night but the internet was down again, so here goes this morning!
You do have to watch out on E-Bay.  Most are great and trusted sellers, but there are some that would stick junk (especially hard to ID bolts and hardware) in a Ford box and sell for premium prices.
The cost of the two bolts you are looking at plus shipping just to a US address @ $22.09 is a lot of money for what you would be receiving. Plus you would have to factor in actual shipping costs  to your location.
Ford used the C2OZ-6345-A  main bearing cap bolt from 1962 (221-260-289 engines) through 2001 when the last 302's (called ThunderJets) were production installed in the 2001 Explorer. The 93-95 SVT Mustang Cobra 5.0 used TTY (Torque to Yield) head and main bearing cap bolts. These TTY bolts were used as service replacements as the original C2OZ were discontinued. Unless an original owner that is familiar with the repair history of your engine, I would take HemiKiller's wise advice and replace all the bolts with the ARP bolt set. The job of the main cap bolt is too critical to risk reusing old original "Tired" bolts or where someone has used some TTY bolts which I only feel safe using once.
Good Luck on your project.       Smile

RE: Ford 302 Main Cap bolts - c9zx - 01-11-2019

+1 on what has already been said, get new reliable source fasteners. I suggest burnishing all new critical fasteners (by torquing loosening, and retorquing 3 times before final torquing) and using a consistent high pressure lube such as CMD High Pressure Lube #3. Chuck