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Tech Service Bull's - Mac - 01-01-2019

[Image: TSB-1.jpg]

[Image: TSB-2.jpg]

This past year at Ford Carlisle, I ran into a small vendor who was getting out of the business.  He didn't have much, but I did manage to get a binder that is literally 6 inches thick that contained a complete set of TSB's from 1969 thru 1973.  It contains all Ford's TSB's from that era, not just Mustangs.  A bargain at total cost of $31, could not pass it up!

If you have a special need of a particular one, drop me an email and I will copy / post it on this site.  I will as time allows, go thru this massive book and find / post ones that pertain to just the 71 - 73 Mustangs.

Maybe the site manager can direct me as to where is the best folder to upload these up to.


RE: Tech Service Bull's - Don C - 01-01-2019

If I we're going to post them I would put them on the 7173Wiki forum

RE: Tech Service Bull's - Mike429cj - 01-02-2019

That’s a great find and a good price!

RE: Tech Service Bull's - Don C - 01-02-2019

Fortification has TSBs posted, be interesting to see if theirs is complete.

RE: Tech Service Bull's - Boss1Ray - 05-30-2019

About 5 years ago I posted the same link. I have been trying to post a few on here that specify Mustangs. But no luck so far. I'll try to post each under correct topic area on this site.


And many are missing - 1973 has nothing posted.