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Brake Booster Rebuild - Omie01 - 12-27-2018

I have a beautiful original brake booster out of that 73 we had. Does anybody recommend a good booster rebuilder? I would like to re-do mine at some point. Thanks Gents!!

RE: Brake Booster Rebuild - Hemikiller - 12-27-2018


Heard good things about these guys.

RE: Brake Booster Rebuild - turtle5353 - 12-27-2018

I had mine done through Rock Auto. I sent my master cylinder and brake booster to Prior automotive in Texas. They did a great job on both. The price was $100. If you just need booster I think its around $80.



RE: Brake Booster Rebuild - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 12-27-2018

I need one rebuilt also. A guy in car club here uses booster Dewey and said the last one he sent they called and told him they had built in the past so it was free, has lifetime guarantee. It had been sent by previous owner. So when I do get mine off going to them. They mark the inside some how so they know if they did the work.
To do one yourself I do not know where you get the parts? It would also be tricky to get the two halves of the booster apart without a special fixture.

RE: Brake Booster Rebuild - Bentworker - 12-27-2018

X3 on Booster Dewey out of Portland Oregon

RE: Brake Booster Rebuild - NOT A T5 - 12-28-2018

Booster Dewey is the way to go, they did mine...awesome workmanship!

RE: Brake Booster Rebuild - Omie01 - 12-28-2018

Sounds like booster dewey it is!! Thanks Gents!!