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Suspecious post on forum - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 11-15-2018

There is a post from a new member their fist post. It looks strange to me.
Titled "Iceland Email List" Shihabrc is user.
I opened it but did not click on anything and a pop up window came up saying I was going to loose all data on computer in 250 seconds if I did not click on the box. I shut down went out and came back and ok looks like.
Take a look might want to remove.

RE: Suspecious post on forum - secluff - 11-15-2018

David, I reported that last night as it appeared here a couple of times. I was trying to work on something for Fabrice with a lap top I'm already having problems with and sure didn't need any help in making it run any worse.
Goes without saying to not click on any of these suspicious posts and to report them to the "Front Office"!

RE: Suspecious post on forum - Mister 4x4 - 11-15-2018

Took care of it - blew 'em away.


Suspecious post on forum - secluff - 11-15-2018

Thanks Eric. Seems like we are under constant attack!

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