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71 Mach 1 finally finished - yellowmach351 - 10-20-2018

After several years between working (now retired) and other projects, I have finally finished the Mach 1. I have posted before, all the upgrades I did. I originally ordered this car from the factory in April of 1971, so It was in good shape to begin with before the rebuild. Being 21 at the time, it was my first new car. I've posted some questions in the past and have always received helpful responses from all that answered.
I'm working on my next project now, a 427 Cobra build, so I'll be signing off of this forum for quite some time. I just wanted to share these photo's and say thank you to all folks that have responded to me in the past and to a great forum.

FYI, I'll post a video of it running in the video forum.


[Image: IMG-20181015-124123625-HDR.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20181015-121344963.jpg]

RE: 71 Mach 1 finally finished - Mister 4x4 - 10-20-2018

SWEET!!! thumb

RE: 71 Mach 1 finally finished - LeglessOne - 10-21-2018

Very Nice thumb

RE: 71 Mach 1 finally finished - mach71351c - 10-21-2018

Looks good. Congrats.